Houseplant Items

Top 10 Easy Uncommon And Affordable Houseplants

Here’s a list of my favorite top 10 easy uncommon and affordable houseplants. These plants might be common for you in your area, but in other areas these plants are rare. I’ll also. be sharing care tips for each plant. Let’s get started.

The Best Houseplant Gifts For Plant Lovers

If you know someone obsessed with plants, there’s nothing they’ll love more then getting a plant related gift. Almost everything on this list is under $30! Here’s a list of the best houseplant gifts for plant lovers.

Inspiring Self Sustained Terrariums To Create At Home

One of my favorite experiments with houseplants is creating self sustained terrariums. These projects require very little care and are so much fun to make. I’ve already made three terrariums and it’s now my favorite hobby. Here’s everything you need to know about building terrariums and how to keep these self-sustained containers thriving.