Hoya Splash Complete Plant Care Guide

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Are you starting to get into Hoya’s and want to grab your hands on something easy and low maintenance? Hoya Splash is the plant for you.

Hoya Splash main care directions.

  1. Water. Water roughly once a week or when the soil completely dries out, then give a thorough watering.
  2. Light. Hoya’s love bright light, so placing this plant near a south facing window or under plant grow lights is ideal. You’ll notices unstressed leaves with brighter light, which look really cool.
  3. Fertilizer. Feed Hoya Splash a high quality fertilizer like Dyna-Gro Grow. Feed every watering, bi-weekly, or once a month.
  4. Humidity. Hoya Splash thrive in high humidity in the 50%+ range. I keep mine right at about 50% and it’s loving it. This plant thrives in high humidity just like other Hoya’s.

Here’s what to know to keep Hoya Splash thriving in your home.


Hoya’s in general love bright sunlight, so do your best to place this plant in a spot near a south, east, or west facing window. South facing windows get the brightest, most intense sunlight of the day, so if you place your plant here, make sure the plant gets some dappled sunlight. This plant can handle a little bit of direct sunlight, but not too much.

I have my Hoya Splash sitting under T5 Barrina plant grow lights which are on 13 hours per day from 8AM-9pm. This is a big reason why my plant grows so quickly. I’ve also noticed by placing this plant under intense light that the leaves are starting to get a unstressed, pink color to them and it’s a lot of fun to look at.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to place this plant under bright light. You’ll be rewarded with stunning growth.


If you give your plant a ton of sunlight (say, near a south facing window), expect to water your plant more often than you would if you placed this plant in a dark corner of your house (which you wouldn’t want to do anyways!).

I water my Hoya Splash once a week and find that’s all it needs, but this could be different for you depending on how much sunlight the plant is getting, the humidity, and how big the plant is.

You may also notice you don’t need to water as much in the winter as you do in the summer. This is because plants are generally in their dormant phase in the winter and aren’t actively growing.


Hoya’s thrive in well-draining soil that have good air flow moving throughout the roots. These aren’t the kind of plants that thrive in compact, dense soil (most plants don’t for that matter), so make sure to use a chunky soil.

You can make your own soil blend with an easy recipe like 25% coco coir, 25% perlite, 25% orchid bark, and 25% worm castings.

You can also buy a pre-made potting mix like Fox Farm Ocean Forest. This stuff contains a blend of worm castings, forest humus, moss, and other high quality ingredients.

If you have a ton of houseplants you need to repot, it’s most likely cheaper to buy everything separately and make your potting mix yourself.


Hoya Splash do well in any home that is between temperatures of 60 degrees F to 90 degrees (15 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius). Do not place this plant in a drafty area like a window, vent, or door.


Hoya Splash thrive when given fertilizer during the active growing season. Plants only need to be fed fertilizer during the active growing season which is typically March through September for many of us. Your plants go dormant in the winter season and you don’t need to worry about fertilizer during this time.

You can buy a houseplant fertilizer at any store that sells plants, but an important tip to know is that you should always dilute any fertilizer recipe in half. This is because most fertilizers are way too strong and can actually kill your plants if the recipe is not diluted in half.

One of my go to houseplant fertilizers is Dyna-Gro. To use this, I simply mix about a teaspoon into a gallon of drinking water and use this drinking water to feed my houseplants.


Hoya Splash thrives in high humidity in the 50%+ range. If you give this plant lower humidity, you may notice slower growth.

Give this plant higher humidity by placing it next to a humidifier or under some kind of plastic or glass dome.

I have my Hoya Splash sitting in an IKEA cabinet that I turned into a greenhouse. The cabinet sits at about 50% without any humidifier inside – instead all of the plants work together to create a microclimate of higher humidity. Plus, it’s not safe to put humidifiers in cabinets.

You can likely acclimate this plant to lower humidity depending on where you bought it from. Say you bought this plant from someone who already had the plant sitting in 30% humidity, you’d be able to put this plant in 30% humidity, too.


Hoya Splash are easy to propagate. All you have to do is find a node (bumpy part on the stem) and submerge this into water or soil.

You’ll end up seeing roots in a few weeks and once the roots are at least 3 inches long, you can move the plant to your preferred substrate (soil, leca, or even just plain water).

Hoya Splash Common Questions

Is Hoya Splash rare?

Hoya Splash is somewhat rare and you won’t find this plant at a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot. I bought this plant from a local plant seller on Facebook. You’ll likely find this plant at a specialty plant store or an online plant seller.

How much is a Hoya Splash?

A small Hoya Splash in a 4 inch pot should be under $20. I bought a small plant with only a few leaves for under $15.

How do you care for Hoya Splash?

Hoya Splash are incredibly easy to care for and you only need to know these few simple things:

  • Water when the soil completely dries out
  • Place in a spot getting bright indirect sunlight or under plant grow lights
  • Fertilize during the active growing season
  • Give at least 50%+ humidity if possible

Is Hoya Splash hard to care for?

Hoya Splash isn’t hard to take care of and makes for a great beginner houseplant.

Is Hoya Splash a fast grower?

Hoya Splash takes a little bit of acclimating to its new home at first, but once the plant is settled, you’ll notice rapid growth.

How big do Hoya Splash get?

Hoya Splash are relatively small plants that don’t get massive, especially if you buy them as little babies. I have seen this plant in a 6 inch pot with relatively long growth about 30 inches long.

Hoya Splash blooms are incredibly beautiful. Hoya’s are known for having the most stunning, crazy good smelling blooms which is why people are often drawn to this plant. People say the Hoya Splash bloom smells like vanilla and cocoa.

How do I get my Hoya Splash to bloom?

To increase the chances of your Hoya Splash to bloom, place the plant in a warm spot getting bright sunlight. You’ll notice that plant growers that grow from seed typically place their seedlings on a heat mat and that’s because it helps the seed take and grow into a plant.

Is Hoya Splash toxic to pets?

No, this plant is not toxic to pets.  You can get more information on toxic and pet-friendly plants at ASPCA here.

Common pests

Hoya Splash is prone to getting pests like aphids, mealybugs, scale, and spider mites. To avoid pest pressures, I recommend using a pest preventive like Bonide and Azamax.

Bonide Systemic Granules are small tiny pebbles that you sprinkle on top of your plants potting mix. This is one of the best products you can use to avoid getting fungus gnats and other annoying pests. You only have to sprinkle this stuff on your plants soil once every two months or when you notice your plants are getting gnats.

I also like using Azamax on my plants as an extra pest preventive. This is because once pest pressures get out of hand, it’s really hard to get rid of them. So I use both Bonide and Azamax as a safety measure. I’ve never had any pest pressures on my 200+ plants.

Key Points To Remember

Hoya Splash is a fun, easygoing plant with beautiful green and white leaves. I love this plant because the more sun you give it, the better your chances of blooms and sun-stressed red leaves.

Here are the key things to remember for Hoya Splash

  • Place in a spot getting bright indirect sunlight (south facing windows is best)
  • Water once the top two inches of soil are dry
  • Fertilize during the active growing season with a high quality fertilizer like Dyna Gro
  • Place in a spot getting at least 50%+ humidity

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