ZZ Plant Care Complete Care Guide (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

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ZZ Plant also known as the Zamioculcas Zamiffolia is one of the easiest houseplants on the market.

This is the kind of plant where you can truly set it and forget it. There’s no need to water this plant more than you pay your rent (so no more than once a month) and by doing this your plant will reward you with new growth.

Here are the main things you need to know to properly care for ZZ Plant.

  1. Water. Water once a month or when the soil completely dries out. This plant can withstand drought for weeks and doesn’t like to be overwatered.
  2. Light. Low to bright indirect sunlight. This plant can survive in almost any lighting as long as there is some kind of sunlight in the room.
  3. Fertilizer. Feed once a month with some kind of fertilizer or plant food like Dyna-Gro or Liqui-Dirt.
  4. Humidity. ZZ Plant does not need any special humidity. Normal household humidity is perfect.
Photo by Kadarius Seegars on Unsplash

Here is what know to keep your ZZ Plant thriving in your home.


ZZ Plant is one of the easiest plants you will ever get your hands on. This plant tolerates almost any lighting, from very low light to bright indirect sunlight.

I have my ZZ plant sitting in an east facing room (brightest in the morning), almost 10 feet away from the window and it gets very little sunlight and continues to grow new leaves.

As long as you don’t put this plant in a closet or room with no windows, your ZZ Plant will be just fine.

If you have a Raven ZZ Plant, which is ZZ Plant but with black foliage, you’ll want to give your Raven ZZ more sunlight. I have my Raven ZZ sitting in bright indirect sunlight near a south facing window as you can see below.


This is one of the those houseplants you can forget to water and it’ll never die.

ZZ Plant only needs to be watered about once a month or when the soil completely dries out. Even then, you can wait a week to water. This is a resilient plant that doesn’t need a whole lot of care. In fact, the more you care for it, the higher the chance your plant will die.


ZZ Plant doesn’t require a whole lot in terms of soil. You don’t even need to repot this plant when you take it home from the plant store.

If you want to repot your plant, use a simple houseplant mix recipe like 40% coco coir, 30% perlite, and 30% orchid bark.

I’ve never seen this plant grown in leca or lechuza pon, but I bet you could do it. Give it a try and let me know if it works!


ZZ Plant live in temperatures between 55°F and 85°F. As long as you keep your ZZ in regular household temps your plant will thrive.


Fertilizing ZZ Plant is important because it helps provide the plant the nutrients it needs to thrive. Use a granule or liquid based fertilizer to feed your plant.

I personally use Dyna-Gro which I mix into my plants drinking water. This is an affordable way for my plants to get the nutrients they need and keeps things easy and convenient for me.

You can also use fertilizer granules that you sprinkle on top of your plants soil. Every time you water your plant, the granules release into the soil.


ZZ Plant doesn’t need any kind of special humidity. These plants thrive in regular household humidity.


Propagating ZZ Plant is easy and there are a couple of methods.

The first method is propagation by leaf. For this, all you do is cut a leaf off that has a little bit of a stem on it. Place the small stem part submerged under water. This method takes a few months as the ZZ Plant is slow growing in terms of roots. Once there are sufficient roots, you can place this cutting in your preferred substrate.

Another popular propagation method is diving the ZZ Plant. You probably got lucky when you bought your plant as it most likely had several plants in one pot. You can divide these plants into separate pots to create more plants.

ZZ Plant Common Questions

Is ZZ Plant rare?

ZZ Plant is not rare.

You can find this plant at almost any big box store like Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. You can also find this store at brick and mortar plant shops and online plant stores.

How much is a ZZ Plant?

ZZ Plants are cheap. You can purchase a 4 inch pot for less than $15 at most stores.

Photo by Pino Nguyen on Unsplash

Is ZZ Plant hard to care for?

ZZ Plant is one of the easiest plants to care for. You probably won’t find an easier plant to care for, which is why this plant often gets recommended to people new to houseplants.

Is ZZ Plant a fast grower?

ZZ Plant is a fast grower depending on the growing conditions. If you have this plant next to a south facing window getting bright indirect sunlight and you feed your plant a high quality fertilizer, your plant is going to grow like crazy.

If you have your plant sitting in a dark corner in a north facing room, your plant will grow a lot slower. I don’t mind this because ZZ plants are great for areas of your home that you want to put plants in, but don’t get a ton of sunlight.

ZZ Plant can grow outside in zones 10 to 12, but make sure to place your plant in a spot getting dappled sunlight. You never want this plant to sit in bright direct sunlight as this can quickly burn the foliage.

Don’t worry about misting your ZZ Plant. It won’t do much for the plant and the plant doesn’t need high humidity anyways.

ZZ Plants do not like to be root bound, so if you notice that your plant is root bound, it’s time to transfer your pot to a pot about 1-2 inches larger, no more than that.

How big do ZZ Plant get?

ZZ Plants get huge, even in the home. Expect your plant to get a few feet tall after having it for several years.

Photo by lera freeland on Unsplash

How do I make my ZZ Plant bigger?

Here are my top recommendations to encourage plant growth on ZZ Plants.

  • Place your plant in a spot getting natural or artificial light for at least 12 hours each day
  • Feed a high quality fertilizer every watering during the growing season
  • Don’t overwater your plant and remember to stick to the once a month watering schedule

Is the ZZ Plant toxic to pets?

Yes, this plant is toxic to pets.  You can get more information on toxic and pet-friendly plants at ASPCA here.

Prevent pests

ZZ Plant is susceptible to pest pressures just like any other houseplant.

I’ve never had any pests on my ZZ Plant and I don’t know of anyone that has had any troubles with their plant either.

This is what I do to prevent pest pressures.

  • Use Bonide Systemic Granules and sprinkle granules on top of soil (best tip for fungus gnats)
  • Use Azamax and regularly spray the plants foliage and soil with this spray (if you spray in the morning with Azamax mixture, it’s important to shade plants from any lighting because Azamax + bright light can hurt your plants)
  • Don’t overwater your plants, this is the easiest way to have a house full of fungus gnats
  • Regularly check your plants foliage (especially the undersides) for pests
  • Quarantine new plants before placing them with the rest of your plants

Common issues

Brown tips: If your ZZ Plant has brown tips, this is a sign of overwatering. Make sure you’re only watering once a month or when the soil completely dries out and stays dry for at least a week or two. This plant is drought tolerant and needs less water than you think.

Curly leaves: If your ZZ Plant has curly leaves, this may be a sign that your plant is receiving too much sunlight. Make sure your plant is sitting in a spot that never gets direct sunlight as this can burn the foliage. I’ve also noticed curly leaves can indicate you haven’t watered your plant in awhile and it’s thirsty.

Yellowing leaves: If your ZZ Plant has yellowing leaves, this is a sign that you’re overwatering your plant. Make sure to only water when the plants soil is completely dried out. I only water my ZZ Plant once a month.

Key Points To Remember

ZZ Plant is one of the easiest plants you’ll ever take care of. Make sure you’re only watering your plant about once a month or when the soil completely dries out.

This plant is drought-tolerant and is the plant to get if you’re someone who travels often. Place ZZ Plant in a spot getting bright indirect sunlight or low light. ZZ Plant doesn’t have special humidity requirements and makes for a great first houseplant.

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